This fantastic old Pictorial Parade covers the development of transport in Wellington up until 1970. Worth watching for the narration alone. But the visuals are also brilliant. Many thanks to Archives NZ, quoted below. Also, Brownies! Wellington tourism! And unfortunately offensive use of taonga Māori, as well as some jolly good old-fashioned sexism… These historical films are always eye-opening.

“New Zealand’s last electric tram trip took place on 2 May 1964. Tram no. 252 displayed the message ‘end of the line’ as she was driven by Wellington Mayor Frank Kitts from Thorndon to the zoo in Newtown.

Wellington was the first New Zealand town to operate a tram system, launching in August of 1878 with steam trams. In its heyday, Wellington’s tramways network covered more than 52 kms. The lines required constant maintenance and other users often complained about the state of the roads. The increasing number of private cars and buses eventually forced the closure of New Zealand’s last tramway system in 1964.
More about New Zealand’s transport history can be found here:………

This film clip presented here is from Pictorial Parade 227, was produced by the National Film Unit of New Zealand.The National Film Unit was established to publicise New Zealand’s participation and achievements during the Second World War. After 1945 the Film Unit expanded from producing weekly newsreels to making documentaries and films to the order of Government Departments. During its existence the Film Unit produced films for national organisations as well as many films on its own initiative. The private film industry in New Zealand relied heavily on the National Film Unit’s extensive film processing facilities.

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