TE CURIO CABINET o Te Waka Huia o ngā Taonga Tuku Iho is a curated digital space for stories from Wellington Museum, Space Place at Carter Observatory, Nairn Street Cottage & the Cable Car Museum.

Meet quirky characters from Wellington’s past and debate current exhibitions at our four institutions. Te Curio Cabinet is your portal to the latest wonders at Museums Wellington. See online exhibitions, read behind-the-scenes stories, and learn more about Wellington’s heritage.


Wellington Museum  +64 4 472 8904

Cable Car Museum    +64 4 475 3578

Space Place                + 64 4 910 3140

Nairn Street Cottage + 64 4 384 9122

P O Box 893
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

* Museums Wellington’s approach to curation is integrated: there are four curators with specialist areas: history, social history, Māori & science, but we are generally and collectively involved in all the stories we tell.